Cumbernauld FM: The Acoustic Set - Part II





I recently ventured back onto The Music Experience show presented by Cumbernauld FM’s Ryan Corr. Got to say, we had an awesome time! 

This being my second appearance on the show, you’d think I’d be over the nerves by now but nope! 10+ years making music and performing (albeit intermittently with long absences in between) and unfortunately I still suffer from red light syndrome / performance anxiety. I think it’s always going to be part of my personality to be honest. 


However, as much as nerves are a part of me, so is my music so I won’t ever let something as petty as fear stand in my way ;) 


I caught up with Ryan before the show and he gave me a wee tour of Cumbernauld FM’s new studio – looking good guys – I have a feeling you’ll go from strength to strength this year! 








I’ve mentioned before in my blog what Ryan’s show is all about: it has the tagline, 'Your Music, Your Experience’


Since it first aired, The Music Experience show has come a long way in my opinion and after my appearance on it last year Ryan has interviewed other guests and had live music in the studio. He keeps growing as a presenter and I commend his promotion of indie artists in particular on social media and on his show. Well done man and cheers for supporting us indies! 


I was honoured to appear solo on the show this time around and to be asked to play as many songs as I did. You can catch my live performance of my tracks ‘This Place’, ‘The Best Lose’, ‘DNA’, ‘Fairytale’, ‘This Game’ and ‘No More’ on Cumbernauld FM by clicking riiiiiiiight here.




It was great to perform 'DNA' with my acoustic, live, as I’ve only ever performed it in the studio so I wasn’t sure how it would translate but I’m glad the passion and grit in the track still managed to come across without loud, distorted guitars and drums a’thrashing in the background!



I had a lot of fun performing all of my tracks for Cumbernauld FM and its listeners so a huge thanks to everyone who listened in. I hope my acoustic set showcased my versatility as an artist and songwriter, as well as my softer side – I think everyone’s pretty used to me belting out my vocals by now haha so I enjoyed the wee change of pace with these songs. 


I loved my time on the show and as always, there were plenty of laughs and chat between Mr Corr and I. One of the funniest things that happened that day was when Ryan showed me “the list” of prohibited words that folk aren’t supposed to say on the for those of you who know me, you will know that I am partial to some, shall we say, colourful language...and of course as soon as I was shown what words could get me into trouble on air, that’s all I could think about saying! So yeah, I’m maybe not the safest guest to have on your show but I’ll certainly try my best to entertain you ;) 



Biggest thanks go to Ryan & Cumbernauld FM for having me on the show again and for not only supporting indie artists but really understanding what our music and ideals are about. You guys rock :)


Ryan always goes the extra mile to encourage, promote and support local and other artists so I can’t recommend his show enough: do tune into Ryan Corr's Music Experience Show every Saturday, from 10am - 12pm on Cumbernauld FM and follow on Twitter!

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