Erin At Eleven nominated for best single (2019) by radio wigwam

V chuffed to have my wee ditty nominated for Best Single this year in the Online Radio Wigwam awards...guess I've Only Myself To Blame for this yin ey ey...🙃

In all seriousness, cheers all the folks at Wigwam, this wee auld weegie appreciates the support! 🖤 and good luck to all the nominees this year! ✌️

If ye fancy listening to the track, gee it a gander here:

Celtic Connections on campus 2019!

Yoyo good people, wee announcement... 

I'll be playin at Celtic Connections on campus on Friday 25th January at the GCU

It's a FREE event & begins at 12.30pm so please do get yer sweet butts along to the show to catch my set and these other awesome indies playin...seating/standing allocated 1st come, 1st served

Excited? I am!!! Can ye tell? 🙃 

Be there or be a rhombus✌️

MONDAY 21st JAN 2019 
- Lewis McLaughlin & Friends 
- Zak Younger Banks 
- Lisa Kowalski 

TUESDAY 22nd JAN 2019 
- Edinburgh College Traditional Music Band 
- Barry Nisbet 
- Figgins-Garden 

WEDNESDAY 23rd JAN 2019 
- Calum Mackenzie Jones 
- Glasgow University Folk Music Group 
- Shelagh McKay Jones 
- McLaren and MacInnes 

THURSDAY 24th JAN 2019 
- Jocelyn Pettit with Rav Sira & Ellen Gira 
- Megan Shearer 
- Calum McIlroy (Trio) 
- A Lack of Colour 

FRIDAY 25th JAN 2019 
- Madderam 
- Craig Harrison and Elias Muusavi 
- Erin At Eleven


Debut album 'DNA' coming soon...

Debut album 'DNA' from @ErinAtEleven coming soon to 🎧 

Keep yer eyes n ears peeled for my first eclectic EP, due for release this summer ✌ 


#DNA 💙

Erin At Eleven on O.F.I Monday relaunch today at 4pm!

It's Monday folks! 

Can only mean one thing, O.F.I Monday is back! 

Tune in today from 4pm for a review of 2017's top music featuring loads of cool indies, my Eclectic Underground buds Ortense Blue, Ghostly Beard as well as myself 😁 

Listen at n check out the brand new site: 🎧🎶 

Cheers m'dears ✌️

Listen in to Erin At Eleven...

Howdy folks! 

You can catch me on le radio for the next 3 days in a row! (I know, too much of a good thing eh?😂) 

I'm on tonight, Sheppey FM from 8pm (listen at

Monday on Florida-based show, OFI Monday from 4pm (listen at

Tuesday on Radio Wigwam Solo Artist Special from 8pm (listen at

Pretty sure ye can access all these stations via the Tune In app also 👍 

Cheers m'dears 🙂

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