Debut album 'DNA' coming soon...

Debut album 'DNA' from @ErinAtEleven coming soon to 🎧 

Keep yer eyes n ears peeled for my first eclectic EP, due for release this summer ✌ 


#DNA 💙

Erin At Eleven on O.F.I Monday relaunch today at 4pm!

It's Monday folks! 

Can only mean one thing, O.F.I Monday is back! 

Tune in today from 4pm for a review of 2017's top music featuring loads of cool indies, my Eclectic Underground buds Ortense Blue, Ghostly Beard as well as myself 😁 

Listen at n check out the brand new site: 🎧🎶 

Cheers m'dears ✌️

Youtube Channel is alive!

Listen in to Erin At Eleven...

Howdy folks! 

You can catch me on le radio for the next 3 days in a row! (I know, too much of a good thing eh?😂) 

I'm on tonight, Sheppey FM from 8pm (listen at

Monday on Florida-based show, OFI Monday from 4pm (listen at

Tuesday on Radio Wigwam Solo Artist Special from 8pm (listen at

Pretty sure ye can access all these stations via the Tune In app also 👍 

Cheers m'dears 🙂

Website now live!

My new website is now live! Please visit, listen to my music n feel free to leave me your comments...

Don't forget to share my site with your friends n fam!

Cheers m'dears :D

Erin At Eleven on the O.F.I Monday show again! Monday 9 October 2017

Hey folks

Excited to say that my music will be featured again this coming Monday, 9 October on DJ Indie Groove's awesome O.F.I Monday show! 

Please do listen into UK Bite Radio between 4pm - 6pm to hear yours truly :D There's an abundance of good music and banter on the O.F.I show...

Listen here: or via the Tune in app


O.F.I Monday on UK Bite Radio - #1 People's Radio

O.F.I Monday on UK Bite Radio - #1 People's Radio

'Bad, Bad Things' is now out!

My new track is out now! You can download it here on my website under my Music tab or straight from Bandcamp here:

'Bad, bad things' track coming soon!

So it's been two whole months since I recorded and released any new material and in my world that's too long!

I recorded part of this track a fair while ago but I came to acquire in recent weeks an acoustic bass which I wished to incorporate into 'Bad, bad things' and then of course once I'd done that I thought to myself, are there really enough backing vocals and guitar parts here? Hmm perhaps not, add in another few spontaneous licks! I honestly don't know when to's a problem!

Anyway, I digress. This here post was just a wee quick note to say hey, I've been busy trying to circulate some of the music I've already recorded and produced (as I don't often get around to that being too wrapped up in writing etc) but that I'm back at the helm actually making some music, which after all is the most important thing to me :)

The track itself is more mellow than my last offering, 'DNA', and I'll do that from time to time: switch tempos, the feel of the song etc because my mood when I'm writing varies in a similar way. It's going to be my first home-recorded track with some MIDI drums so don't think badly of the poor (non-existent) drummer when you hear this new one! 

Stay tuned folks, I hope it's a song you're going to think good, good things about...

Erin At Eleven on ByteFM today, 4pm GMT

Good afternoon music lovers! 

Please listen in to German radio show ByteFM TODAY at 4pm GMT (5pm CET) to hear myself alongside the awesome Audiodeluxe ( )

 And of course being mentioned in the same tweet & show as heroes, Mogwai has kinda made my day :D 

Listen here live:

Prost 👍 (not even the right German word for "cheers" but I'm a tryer!)

Best Female Artist 2017 Nominee

I'm honoured to be nominated this year for Best Female Artist by WIGWAM Online Radio Awards. It's a bit of a shock to the system actually... Anyway, thank you to Radio WIGWAM for being the first station to air my music & for continuing to support me!

And of course a big thanks to you guys for checking out my music and all the kind wishes, I really appreciate it.

Well, we should find out at the end of August who the winner is...though I have to take this opportunity to say the artists in this category are full of talent and I'd encourage everyone to check their music out! 


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