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  1. Fairy Tale

Written, performed & produced by Erin At Eleven

Copyright 2017 Erin At Eleven, all rights reserved.


I’ve been told and I know I’m just no good at this
If I stay, well things they just end up a mess
So I go and each time I find my way through the mist
I won’t give them any other words to twist

Cause they’re mine and mine alone

I face facts, no I don’t live in some fairy tale
Life shows us the human heart is bound to fail
They run around, they try to make some sense of it all (what’s the sense of it all?)
They don’t see it coming but they’re in for a fall

And there’ll be no one to take them home

When I’m done, it makes me give life one more try
So naive, we keep buying in to nature’s lie
But not me, I think I’ll be the selfish one, the selfish one
Not what I need but it’s exactly what I want

Can I please just get what I want?
What do I want? He’s what I want, what do I want?

You wanna buy, what you want from me is not for sale
So go on, go and live your stupid fairy tale,
Fairy tale, alone