When a muso meddles with video... 

During lockdown I made a wee music video from home and thought it might be quite nice to share my process and some (hopefully) handy hints incase there are other interested creative folks out there.


For my fellow audiophiles, here's a quick rundown of my recording process...

Acoustic guitar and tambo were tracked with my MXL 440; a cheap, large diaphragm condenser mic. You can see it in the video hanging upside down rather precariously! The capture isn't bad but the mic itself is a little harsh so some EQ and jiggery pokery in post definitely helped smooth things out.

I used my 441 for vocals, which I know goes against some folks' cardinal rule as it's dynamic but rules are there to be broken my fellow nerds...I enjoy this mic with my vocal tone and it just needed a quick brightening up around the top end.

Bass and electric guitar parts are DI with Neural's Nolly sim smacked on top, which I downloaded for a free trial here. There are really nice clean tones available in this plugin too which helped me come up with some cool, understated ambient licks for the track.

The keys and smorgasbord of fx are midi using various different virtual synths including fabfilter's twin 2.


The tricky part for me was syncing each audio take to my video capture of that same performance...

I used my Zoom Q2n to shoot a single angle for each instrument being performed in the video.

I'd been warned before by someone with video chops to do a nice, big, loud clap at the start of each take. This helped me sync up my audio/video takes later as I could see the nice, big, loud transient of my clap and line this up in Premiere Pro with the footage of me clapping my hands. Pretty easy once you know how and have had a bit of practice!

I edited all the video in Adobe Premiere Pro, which has been free for students during lockdown (although mine still seems to be working...sssh don't tell anyone).

Using this software for the first time entailed a bit of a learning curve. I had a few moments like this...




With a bit of practice, it's fairly simple and intuitive - especially if you're used to a daw or something similar - once you learn a few shortcut commands you're off and running! 

This article helped me figure out some sneaky shortcuts I needed to bosh things out pronto. The main keyboard shortcuts I used during the editing process were 'C' (razor tool) and 'V' (selection tool) but for sure there are other handy ones if you're doing something more sophisticated. 

The most fun I had during the editing process was watching all the footage back and deciding which clips I wanted to play and in what order/sequence. My main aim was to try and mirror the lyrics of the track in the video and help build the narrative of the song this way.

Something I'd maybe recommend (if folk aren't familiar already) is putting together a brief script or storyboard idea of what you'd like to happen in the video in advance. I sketched out some ideas on paper and then tried acting them out...much to my own amusement as I'm definitely most in my comfort zone when working behind the scenes! I didn't realise that acting would be quite as much fun as it was and I enjoyed improvising; in fact, I ended up using a fair bit of footage which had been shot 'off the cuff'. This helped keep some authenticity about the video as I never wanted anything too staged.

I ran into some obstacles while shooting and in hindsight, I wish I had had an adjustable stand for my camera so that I could have had a bit more flexibility. I managed to improvise by balancing the poor wee Zoom 🎥 on various different objects, very nearly resulting in its untimely demise more than once 😂

Something else to bear in mind whilst shooting is your light! By Zeus, remember your light! I didn't think much about this at the time but this gave me quite the little migraine when I reviewed all the footage back and discovered the light and colour in each shot was pretty inconsistent. Probably not a huge deal for most folk but for me it very much distracted my eye in a negative way so I decided to get to grips with some colour correction basics using this video tutorial.

If I could give one key piece of advice for those trying videos out themselves, it would be to make yourself aware of and brush up on filming in different light. I was shooting mostly in varying degrees of daylight; sometimes it was super sunny then as the take progressed there'd suddenly be massive amounts of shade. For me, this resulted in a fair bit of fiddling about with the colour of each shot in post, trying to get each one to match...prevention is better than cure here 🙃


Once I'd assembled all my different video clips and colour graded them, I exported my video and thought "YES, I'M FINALLY FINISHED, SWEET MOTHER OF-" But then...

After uploading my test video to YouTube for the first time, I discovered the colour was very off. It seemed fine playing back in Premiere Pro and QuickTime but on YouTube the colour was super faded and dull. Then I had a quick gander at this video which explained about LUTs and how different platforms and even browsers can affect the look of your export 😑 This video provided a free LUT to download - which I applied as an overlay across my entire video and boom, the colours instantly came back to life! Adobe have a free LUT template available for download as well but I found theirs too muted for my video so I opted for the Fairgrieve one instead.

When exporting your video in Premiere Pro, you can customise your settings so I was able to bounce separate videos for each platform like YouTube and Facebook - handy! 

I realise I am a complete noob when it comes to video but I hope I've managed to shed some light on the process, show it can be pretty good fun doing something like this for yourself if you're a muso type and that you can do some really simple but effective things with limited gear.

Without further ado, here's the finished video! 

Give me a shout in the comments if you enjoyed this video, have any questions or even if you'd simply like to tell me how inexplicably wrong I am about something video-related, feel free 😂

Erin x


Some other useful video tutorials I stumbled across along my wee journey...

text and title effects

quick Premiere Pro export settings

super simple tips for exporting a portion of your video

‘Acoustic authority’: ban/restrict the use of sound cannons  


What is a sound cannon/LRAD? 

A ‘sound cannon’ or Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) is a device which can be used by law enforcement authorities to broadcast messages.  

LRADs are optimised to the primary human hearing range of between 1 – 5 kilohertz and can transmit sound 360° to cover an area uniformly. 

LRADs can be used to emit ear-piercing, pain-inducing and hearing-damaging sirens that can be heard as far as 1.5 kilometres away. 

Created for the U.S. military after the terrorist attack on the USS Cole in 2000, LRADs were designed as acoustic weapons meant to repel anyone exposed to them. By emitting sound at an almost-intolerable amplitude, they force people in the device's path to flee. 

An LRAD looks like a large black speaker or satellite dish and can be mounted to a police vehicle. 

Over 60 countries worldwide have LRADs, including the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Poland. 


Why should LRADs be banned or restricted? 

Safe noise exposure guidelines vary however sound over 100 dB (decibels) can cause hearing loss over the course of minutes and at 120-130 dB sound begins to produce a pain response. Sound over 140 dB can cause near-immediate hearing damage. 

LRADs used by law enforcement can produce sound in excess of 150 dB (some measure as high as 162 dB). This level is usually considered enough to burst your eardrums.  

For comparison, a normal conversation is approximately 60 dB while a lawn mower can reach 90-100 dB.  

LRADs are marketed as communications devices. While they can be used by police as powerful megaphones to instruct a crowd, LRADs can also be deployed as sonic weapons to disperse crowds. 

Police departments have a history of misusing LRADs as a means of dispersing protestors, for example, in New York, the Philippines and at a previous BLM protest in Pennsylvania in 2014.  

People exposed to LRADs have reported suffering physical injuries such as ear pain, hearing loss and nerve damage as well as prolonged migraines, disorientation and vertigo. 

Various human rights and advocacy organisations including Amnesty International have raised concerns over the use of these sonic devices by authorities in inflicting pain as they raise questions about their legality under international humanitarian law. 

While different jurisdictions regulate LRADs differently, injured plaintiffs have continued to bring claims to court asserting violations of their human and constitutional rights as well as health and safety and police regulations. 

In 2018, a US federal court determined using LRADs improperly could constitute excessive force. 


What now?

LRADs are being deployed again in response to current BLM protests across America and have been reported recently in Portland and Austin. 

Peaceful protestors or even unrelated bystanders cannot choose whether or not to be affected by a sound cannon deployed in the vicinity. 

Do we really want sound to be weaponised against human beings with potentially serious and lasting health implications? 

Respective governments should ban/restrict the use of LRADs: 

  • Law enforcement authorities should only be permitted to use LRADs as a verbal communications device and at safe levels. 
  • Law enforcement authorities should publish their guidelines which outline their use of LRADs in conformance with industry standards, manufacturer’s directions and cautions. 

Please be aware that these devices are being deployed by law enforcement authorities and consider carrying suitable ear protection if you attend a protest. 

If you agree the use of LRADs should be banned/restricted, please sign this petition and pass it on!




The Auld Indie Review - Pt I 

This here article/review type thing follows on from my blog post last year showcasing talented, up and coming indie artists. 

I’d really hoped to do these reviews more regularly but as per, life takes over... 

Writing, recording and producing my own EP has kept me very busy! By the way, this record is due for release very, very soon! So keep your eyes & lugs (ears) peeled folks. 

Shameless plug. Anyhow, aye, getting back to indies. I guess the main difference between this entry and last year’s is I’ve actually had the pleasure of collaborating with some indies recently. I’ve had the benefit of witnessing their work ethic, raw talent and sheer ability firsthand both live and in the studio. 

These days, collaboration is where it’s at. Why not pool our collective strengths and create something unique and significant? I’ve found working with different indie artists not only produces awesome material but also draws something out of me personally as an artist I never knew was there to begin with: this year it was songwriting for completely different genres and even finding my own performery, front-woman self at a gig! 

Since last year’s post, there has been a mecha-tonne of cracking debut indie releases which have caught my ears but there are a few in particular just now I wish to highlight so you fine people can pleasure your ears all night long... 


Bora Özkan – ‘Blue And Isolated’ (album/“playlist”) 

Turkish guitarist and alt rock/indie instrumentalist, Bora Özkan, is a talent and one to watch in my opinion. 

When I first listened to ‘Blue And Isolated’ last year, I was swept away on a wee magical journey of self-reflection and outright chill propelled by this beautiful yet eerie record where guitar melodies and effects take centre stage creating layer upon delicious layer for the listener. 

Each track has an ethereal quality, its own purpose and significance but for me, ‘Prana’ embodies everything I love about this record. The transitions are smooth with interesting progressions and bring forth multiple emotions. 

A year on and these tracks still give me much comfort when I am feeling a bit blue but are equally so versatile that they pick me up and zen me out on a nice wee sunny day. 

I’ve rediscovered my love of instrumental music through Bora’s guitar compositions, won’t you do the same? Check him out here... 





Ortense Blue – ‘Safe to make a sound’ (EP) 

I first came across this artist’s music last year and have been hooked ever since on her folky musical goodness. 

This is a songwriter of great depth and quality, which is probably the main thing I look for these days when listening to any new music. It just so happens this is a trait I find to be remarkably prevalent among indie singer/songwriters like Ortense

Her debut EP, ‘Safe to make a sound’ is simply a wonderful record packed with haunting melodies, soothing, dreamy vocals and thought-provoking, emotive lyrics: all showcased in my personal favourite track of hers, ‘Hammer and Chisel’

Ortense has had songs commended in the UK Songwriting Contest and had two songs played by BBC Introducing in both Leeds, and Shropshire. As well as being an indie musician, Ortense is a mental health and music advocate, highlighting the important link between being a musician and looking after yer heid. What better way to do just that than through the gift of song? Get your ears round Ortense’s music here... 





The Stoned Immaculate – ‘Debauched music for You and your Friends’ (album) 

Debauched music for You and your Friends is the debut album from Glasgow lads, the Stony Macs

When I first heard this record, its energy smacked me round the chops! What then followed was an appreciation of the honest songwriting and individual, compositional ability of each band member. 

This album was 100% written, recorded and produced by the band themselves, with bassist Dec Reid at the production helm. 

Stand out tracks for me are ‘Stairs’, ‘Gaff’, ‘Poleshifter’ and ‘Carmel’ where guitar riffs from lead guitarist Callum and rhythm, Louis, are downright, effin punchy, high octane, while Dec’s basslines underneath still manage to punctuate and permeate these awesome melodies like a big, fat, meaty, meatball sub. Well, y’know what I mean. Wait, now I’m hungry...might have said meat too much there. 

Moving on! Scott’s percussion/drums are crisp, tight af, perfectly framed and understated throughout this record, yet they really carry the energy from one raucous track to the next! Vocals from Louis are versatile and effortless, ranging from silky smooth stylings in the likes of ‘I Don’t Know What I Want’ and ‘Reprise’ to the hyped and energetic ‘Stairs’ and ‘Carmel’, with lyrics that resonate even with the auldest of indie gals (who may be partial to reliving the good ole days). 

A great debut record with (I suspect) even greater potential for the future. Recommend a cheeky wee purchase of this album. Visit the Stony Macs here for details... 





Tune in next time for The Auld Indie Reivew - Pt II !

Cumbernauld FM: The Acoustic Set - Part II 





I recently ventured back onto The Music Experience show presented by Cumbernauld FM’s Ryan Corr. Got to say, we had an awesome time! 

This being my second appearance on the show, you’d think I’d be over the nerves by now but nope! 10+ years making music and performing (albeit intermittently with long absences in between) and unfortunately I still suffer from red light syndrome / performance anxiety. I think it’s always going to be part of my personality to be honest. 


However, as much as nerves are a part of me, so is my music so I won’t ever let something as petty as fear stand in my way ;) 


I caught up with Ryan before the show and he gave me a wee tour of Cumbernauld FM’s new studio – looking good guys – I have a feeling you’ll go from strength to strength this year! 








I’ve mentioned before in my blog what Ryan’s show is all about: it has the tagline, 'Your Music, Your Experience’


Since it first aired, The Music Experience show has come a long way in my opinion and after my appearance on it last year Ryan has interviewed other guests and had live music in the studio. He keeps growing as a presenter and I commend his promotion of indie artists in particular on social media and on his show. Well done man and cheers for supporting us indies! 


I was honoured to appear solo on the show this time around and to be asked to play as many songs as I did. You can catch my live performance of my tracks ‘This Place’, ‘The Best Lose’, ‘DNA’, ‘Fairytale’, ‘This Game’ and ‘No More’ on Cumbernauld FM by clicking riiiiiiiight here.




It was great to perform 'DNA' with my acoustic, live, as I’ve only ever performed it in the studio so I wasn’t sure how it would translate but I’m glad the passion and grit in the track still managed to come across without loud, distorted guitars and drums a’thrashing in the background!



I had a lot of fun performing all of my tracks for Cumbernauld FM and its listeners so a huge thanks to everyone who listened in. I hope my acoustic set showcased my versatility as an artist and songwriter, as well as my softer side – I think everyone’s pretty used to me belting out my vocals by now haha so I enjoyed the wee change of pace with these songs. 


I loved my time on the show and as always, there were plenty of laughs and chat between Mr Corr and I. One of the funniest things that happened that day was when Ryan showed me “the list” of prohibited words that folk aren’t supposed to say on the radio...now for those of you who know me, you will know that I am partial to some, shall we say, colourful language...and of course as soon as I was shown what words could get me into trouble on air, that’s all I could think about saying! So yeah, I’m maybe not the safest guest to have on your show but I’ll certainly try my best to entertain you ;) 



Biggest thanks go to Ryan & Cumbernauld FM for having me on the show again and for not only supporting indie artists but really understanding what our music and ideals are about. You guys rock :)


Ryan always goes the extra mile to encourage, promote and support local and other artists so I can’t recommend his show enough: do tune into Ryan Corr's Music Experience Show every Saturday, from 10am - 12pm on Cumbernauld FM and follow on Twitter!

Erin At Eleven going #VIRAL 

Alrighty folks, 

I decided this exciting news warranted a wee blog post for you all so here goes... 

This Thursday, 16th November my latest track 'Bad, Bad Things' will be featured on VIRAL, by Limehead Radio's Ryan Corr! Awesome, eh?! 

Listen into Limehead Radio this Thursday from 7pm via the Tune In app or at www.limeheadradio.co.uk to hear my song...

VIRAL plays nothing but great music sent in from unsigned indies & other artists as well as special interviews with talented musicians. In fact, my bud and fellow Eclectic Underground member Ghostly Beard gave a cracking interview with Rachael on VIRAL just last month. Well worth a listen here

VIRAL also runs alongside #MusicHourUK on Twitter, which is a fantastic place for artists to promote their own and others' music. I've taken part in Music Hour many times and often use it as an opportunity not only to let people know about my latest releases but to share my discovery of other awesome artists as well as find new, quality music to get my ears around! It really is a great wee community, full of talented indies which I'm proud to be part of :D

So, you can see why I'm thrilled to be featured on VIRAL & Limehead, which I know does a lot for indie artists like myself! 

Thanks again & a big shoutout to Ryan, Mark, Rachael & everyone else at the Limehead team! You guys rock! 

Eclectic Underground 

We are the Eclectic Underground...


'A collective of like minded but musically individual indie bands and artists. Not so much a label more a mutually beneficial musical commune.'


Find us

Sample our music


Our music spans many genres and styles, from electronic and shoegaze to jazz, pop and alt rock (and more). We're clearly all very different musicians. 

One thing we have in common? We're indies.


We believe in writing, recording and producing our own music. We support one another & other independent artists we like. 


It's important for us indies to help promote one another's music so I'm happy to be a part of the Eclectic Underground where I can not only share my music but that of other, very talented artists...








Want more info?  Contact us

Cumbernauld FM: The Acoustic Set  

I’m a writer, musician, now a producer and currently in my comfort zone. 

Today, I’m a performer again. All sorts of thoughts race through my head...Can I do this? It’s been too long. What if this isn’t what they expected? Is this really who I am? 

When Cumbernauld FM Radio Presenter Ryan Corr asked me to come and play my tracks on the show, I felt the excitement and anticipation in me rise and then the fear too. But one thing I am not is a coward...as a wise woman once said, “feel the fear and do it anyway”!

The day of the show, I arrived at the station with my black Tanglewood acoustic guitar in toe, my favourite woolly hat on, crowning me like a little security blanket. Ryan was very welcoming and hospitable, introducing me to his other guest on the show, Ryan Bowes aka That Bowzy Guy, making me a cuppa, chatting to us about the format of the show and generally putting us at ease. I had a feeling from the pre-show banter that the three of us were going to get on like a house on fire and make this a fun, entertaining show for everyone (probably for ourselves most of all!)


Ryan’s Music Experience show on Cumbernauld FM has the tagline, 'Your Music, Your Experience’ as he takes song requests from listeners and fans of the show during the week to play on his Saturday morning show. However, the twist is that listeners also provide Ryan with their experience of the song, i.e. when they first heard it, how it makes them feel etc. 

As I was appearing on the show, Ryan had already asked me for my song choice and my experience. I gave this a lot of thought the week before the show and finally decided on ‘Like a Drug’ by one of my favourite bands, Queens of the Stone Age. Please check out  Ryan's show on Mixcloud to hear my song request as well as my experience of that song! 

Anyway, I very much enjoyed this unique feature of Ryan’s show as it gave me an opportunity to open up, not just as an artist but share a part of who I am and my experience of one of my favourite songs. All before I even got down to playing my own music! This really relaxed me and made the whole experience of appearing on the show more personal and sociable for me.  I thought this was a cool element for a radio show to have and it certainly makes Ryan’s show stand out so good on ye Ryan! 


Next on the show; came my four-song set  - ‘Echoes’, ‘This Place’, 'Only Friends' and ‘Last Laugh’. Three of these songs were written on my acoustic guitar but Only Friends was written and recorded on my Les Paul so I wasn’t too sure how the acoustic version was going to go down. But from Ryan & Bowzy’s reaction, it went down pretty well! 

Ryan also asked me a little bit about the inspiration behind each track before I played it – so please do tune in to Ryan's show on Mixcloud to hear my acoustic set and our interesting discussion around those tracks. 

I had a lot of fun performing these tracks for Cumbernauld FM and its listeners and I couldn’t keep the smile from my face after my set was finished! Big thanks again to Ryan Corr & Cumbernauld FM for having me on the show and for being so friendly and welcoming. This station is really striving to help artists. Ryan, in particular, goes above and beyond to help support and promote artists that he believes in and as an indie artist I think his work ethic and good attitude is both admirable and encouraging for artists like me (especially in the current musical climate). So, do tune in to Ryan Corr's Music Experience Show every Saturday, from 10am - 12pm on Cumbernauld FM.


Back to the show itself! After my set, I got to sit back, relax and hear all about Bowzy and his Youtube channel ‘ThatBowzyGuy’ where he showcases his theatrical flexibility in his very entertaining videos, vlogs, sketches and skits. I’d check these out if I were you, especially if you’re into wrestling and burgers! 

In fact, Bowzy filmed a special vlog for today’s show which included yours truly, where I can assure you many laughs were had and inside jokes created (#BogFM) – definitely worth a watch though so check it out here: Bowzy's Vlog ft Erin At Eleven 




Admittedly, I was nervous today. It’s been a long time since I’ve performed (and not just recorded) my music for the sheer enjoyment of it. I’d forgotten how much I’d missed it and I realised today performing is and always will be a part of who I am, even if I leave it behind for some years. I’ll always find my way back...

KB Radio interviews Erin At Eleven 

I had the pleasure of talking to Al Yardy this week and being featured on his show on KB radio, which is based in London, Ontario, Canada. 

This was my first radio interview to take place over Skype and I found out afterwards that Al couldn't see me during the chat from his end, which I must say I was a tad relieved about: all my nervous fidgeting, red face and obsessive tea-drinking went undetected! In any event, we had a very lively, wide-ranging discussion about my musical beginnings and influences, my songwriting process, my current goals as an artist, my hopes for the future as well as other issues such as my thoughts on artists who choose the medium of music and gigs to give a platform to their own political, social and other opinions, the latter of which was not a question I was expecting to be asked about but one I really enjoyed giving my two cents on, so to speak.  

It was very easy talking to Al. I thought he asked some great, insightful questions, he was really passionate and inquisitive about my music and me as an artist and surprisingly for me, really brought me out of my shell (which is no easy task for this hermit, I tell thee!)  

Doing this interview has definitely given me more confidence and has encouraged me to reach out to people and let them know who I am as an artist and share my music. It has also confirmed for me that the indie music community is a thriving and cracking place to be right now, where we can all support one another in our various endeavours, whether that be as musicians, broadcasters or bloggers etc.  

I'd really recommend everyone take a listen to independent stations like KB radio as they embody exactly 'what radio used to be', i.e. they showcase excellent, authentic music and artists, as well as providing entertaining banter and a level of personality and professionalism which some might say is in short supply these days... listen here: KB Radio  

It's particularly worth tuning in every Wednesday night from 1am GMT onwards as the show is live at this point and very interactive. Al and other artists who follow KB radio engage in fun, lively discussions on Twitter during the Wednesday night show. I can vouch for this as I regularly join in on the chat myself...and the occasional meme! The show also features its own brilliant top 10 indie chart as voted for by its devoted listeners.  

Speaking of the top 10 indie chart, you can vote for yours truly by following this link and voting for my track, 'DNA': KB Indie Top 10 Chart I couldn't write a blog without plugging my own tune a little, could I?!  

I will finish this post however by thanking Al and KB Radio. What a genuine, hardworking guy. He is passionate about what he does, about helping and supporting indie artists and I take my proverbial, woolly hat off to him! Cheers KB, it was a lot of fun, eh? ;)  

Listen to the full interview here... Erin At Eleven interview with KB Radio

It's indie rock n roll for us 

This past year has been a bit of a blur at times; on the other hand it feels like this has been my life all along.  

I've submerged myself into learning a tonne about sound production. Why? Because I love making music, I like wearing many hats (both metaphorically and literally) and I do rather enjoy doing things solo and in my own way, so I need to know as much about my craft as possible.  

I approached all this at first with a pretty myopic point of view...make my music my way, produce my music my way, end of plan. Despite the way I set out, I'm learning just as much about the indie music community as I am about myself as an artist and I have to say it's been a very happy by-product of this process.  

I've always listened to "indie" music I guess, one of my favourite bands from a young age being Death Cab For Cutie but in the last year admittedly, I've listened to a more wide range of cracking indie artists, bands and shows by independent radio broadcasters and I've come to the following conclusion...  

I'm in awe of the sheer talent, work ethic and production skills of indie artists and broadcasters out there. Their passion for music, doing it for themselves: it's really inspiring and I want to do all I can to share their music with you and support them to keep going and do what they love doing, what we all love doing in this community.  

Sharing is caring, so here's just a few of the fantastic indie artists, bands, radio stations & bloggers I've come across so far.  



Nominated this year for 'Best Electro Act' in the WIGWAM online radio awards, this dynamic duo create beautiful, eerie melodies with insightful lyrics and haunting vocals - check out 'To Drown Is Love' and 'Treasure'. Their electronic prowess comes through in tracks like 'Untitled (Voxless)' but there's a real sense of eclecticism with their music which I love, from electro pop, to shoegaze to alternative rock (listen to 'Hold Me Back'): this duo have it all. And they're self-produced. Talented or whit! I urge you to do your ears a favour and listen to them. Now...  






I first came across this chap on Canadian radio and I have to say I'm impressed, not only with his music but his production skills, site, blog posts and attitude. This guy's a pro, the complete artist. His style is diverse from soft rock, jazz, prog-rock, fusion, pop, to classic rock. The Bearded one has a smooth, distinct voice, plays all of the instruments on his tracks as I understand it (one man band!) and the composition of his tracks is clever, creative and free-flowing...each song is like a wee journey. Okay, I'm rambling a little but if you check out his stuff I'm sure I'll start to make more sense! My personal favourite track of his is 'Frozen In Time' but there is genuinely a song on his Soundcloud for every mood!  






Want something to rock to? Of course you do...then this three-piece Swing-Core band's awesome guitar riffs, funky basslines and kick-ass drums are for you! Check out their track 'Toy Factory' - you won't be disappointed. These Glasgow guys have a particularly authentic, raw quality which makes them stand out from other metal bands in my humble opinion. Worth a listen indeed and I hear they're recruiting so do check them out!  





This isn't just another Glasgow indie band. They aren't generic. These guys are experimental and talented, seasoned performers. I can vouch that they are as good live as they are recorded and I'd urge you to go see them if you get the chance. They have a tonne of tracks for your auditory pleasure but my personal favourite is their poignant and emotional track, 'Picture of Health'. Campfires in Winter remind me of all my favourite bands growing up: Mogwai; Radiohead; Death Cab, yet they maintain their own sound and originality.  






This talented singer/songwriter/guitarist from Paisley is nominated for 'Best Female Artist' in this year's Online Radio Awards and the nomination is deserved. Lisa has a pure, soulful voice beyond her years and her songwriting ability is one to watch! I like her track 'One Day' a lot. Lisa is already an experienced performer and I often see on Twitter that she is out and about doing various gigs and radio shows: her passion and drive comes across and is second to none...as they say, she's a woman after my own heart! Please check Lisa out and give her your support...  






These guys describe their style of music as "SIB" and they couldn't be more accurate! One of a kind, wacky, electro-rock perfection is how I'd describe SIB. I'm a big fan of their tracks 'Einstein' and 'Goodbye' in particular (offfffft those guitar solos) and their use of pan-ning in their track 'Taking a Poo' is nothing short of comedy genius...worth listening to, trust me. SIB have done a lot for indie artists in their time, having created and hosted their own podcast series some years back, the band are now back at the helm, making music and I'm excited to hear more from them in the future. Don't be a square, be a rhombus and check these chaps out...  





You may recall I asked you earlier if you want something to rock to? Well, you might need a wee rest after Magic Trik are done with you! Rock n' roll, blues, shredding guitar solos, vocals that Zeus himself couldn't reach even if he were kicked in the... this band is the real deal. I personally like 'Your Wings To Fly' (find myself singing along to this and scaring the neighbours with the high notes) and 'Not For Long'. Again, this is a great indie band who produce their own work: we Scots are nothing if not multi-talented ;) Do have a listen to Magic Trik and watch their vlogs, very entertaining indeed...  






This Canadian force of rock is an independent songwriter and producer. Jubekyth's sound is unique, interesting and yet I relate to it: mark of a good songwriter in my view. This artist's tracks are effortlessly catchy, melodic and well-produced. I enjoy listening to 'Lightning' and 'Limelight Stricken' in particular but there is a wealth of musical magic from Jubekyth on Soundcloud to delight your ears folks. Give it a spin, you won't regret it...  






I heard Toggo Ultrarock's song 'Cannonball' on awesome Canadian indie station, KB radio, about a month ago and it was instantly stuck in my head! Seriously, it's never going away...  

Toggo Ultrarock gives you electro-rock anthems with full throttle vocals and honest, fun, high energy music. Another favourite of mine is 'Fuck You Just Fuck You' - not only an epic song title but a cracking tune with beautiful vocal harmonies. I have been known to be partial to a a few harmonies. So, why not give it a listen?  






I intend to get to know more about this German "songer-singwriter" as he calls himself. Kostja is a lovely guitar player and his songs have that chilled, acoustic, indie vibe running through them. My favourite track of his so far though is his latest, 'Sezuan'. The instrumentation and production is excellent. It's a beautiful instrumental piece and I could listen to it for hours without tiring. Please check it out and Kostja's many other tracks here...  



When it comes to the indie music community, a big mention has to go out to the stations that support, play and help promote artists like us. So, deep breath time...  

Radio WIGWAM  

KB Radio  

Strawberry Tongue Radio & Music Magazine

Cumbernauld FM

Sheppey FM  



EGH Radio

Way Out Radio





There are of course shed-loads of other stations and bloggers out there who deserve a huge pat on the back and our mutual support but these folks above are those that I'm most aware of and can speak personally to their dedication and passion for discovering and promoting new indie talent. If I've missed anyone, I do sincerely apologise! Just drop me a threatening line here and I'll get it sorted...  

Final thought (Jerry Springer style): I'm overwhelmed by the support I myself have received from other artists and stations this year. It's a great motivation to keep going, to be part of something bigger than myself and my own music. So, indies, let's all support each other, gather round the campfire and sing kumbaya...